Mail Service and Business Address

  • Client will be charged $50 per month for mail service and a business address ($75 for non-members)
  • They must indicate that they would like mail service on their signed membership agreement

  • They will be issued a private mailbox number in the below format

[Client / company name]

100 South King Street 

Suite 100 # _____

Seattle, WA 98104

  • Client must use address in the above format for any online listings or SEO purposes.  In no circumstance, shall a client use the 100 S King Address online without their private mailbox number


Mail setup steps

1.  Add recurring mailbox plan to member's account  member > add plan > mail service

1a. Assign the next available mailbox # to client.  Log this in internal database and Google Drive

2.  Provide Form 1583 and the Guide for filling out form 1583 to client

3.  Check that they have filled out correctly

4.  Scan two pieces of acceptable ID

5.  Scan and email completed agreement and IDs to Senchelle at the USPS.  Example Email:


Hi Senchelle,

We have a new 1583 customer applications today.   Can you please confirm receipt?

gent - Endgrain Studio DBA the Pioneer Collective

100 South King Street

Suite 100

Seattle, WA 98104


pplicant  (application attached)

Emily McDowell

100 South King Street  

Suite 100 #721

Seattle, WA 98104



Chris Hoyt