Beverage Fridge 

On Mondays I order from Prime NOW

  • You can always just look at past orders for help :)
  • About 11-13 packs of La Croix, it lasts all week.   I like to buy the 12 can packs, they get to be around 0.45 cents a can, or I'm always looking for flavors that are on sale. 
  • Booze: we just invested in a kegerator so perhaps you'll be specifically buying wine/cider/other things besides beer, but I normally buy a 6 pack and a bottle of wine, or a 12 variety pack of something - I keep it rotating so we're able to try new things and its not stagnate. 
  • I also purchase pretzels or crackers, cheap snacks to put out every so often. I just think it's nice to have them, and the community seems to really enjoy it when I put it out around 10-11, pre lunch crunchies. I typically get gluten free things, we have many members who can't have gluten. Fewer who can't do dairy. But still majority of them are meat eating, dairy eating, gluten eating, eaters. 
  • I also order the turbinado sugar through here
  • And paper towels (I purchase min 80% post consumer recycled ones)
  • I'm sure anything can be ordered through regular Amazon, you just can't get it day of, or predict when it'll arrive, and it may not arrive all at same time. 
  • Subscriptions: if I had the time I would have set us up on subscriptions for paper towels, sugar, ANYTHING that I could - its cheaper and it arrives without ordering. 
  • I also wonder if La Croix has some sort of whole sale offer? We drink at least 120 cans a week. 




Isn't it beautiful?

We got that discount on our last order. We're fully stocked up now! Speaking of tea, here are my tea notes for you Rachelle:


Harney & Sons Tea! log in & other info

  • UserName:
  • We have $14 worth of loyalty points, so when you order make sure to log in to get those frequent shopper points, or to use them for money off orders, and order a big order for free shipping, I'm not sure of the amount, but you'll hit it just by ordering 4 of the 50 sachet bags. 



  • Paris the most popular flavor we offer, it goes faster than the others so I normally order two bags with each order. We put this on the bar in the coworking space AND in conference tea set up. 
  • Chamomile is a close second (but during flu season peppermint seems to be the most popular herbal tea), again I'll order 2 bags of one of these flavors when they're going fast. We put one of these in conference room as well. 
  • Conference room teas: I try to have one black, one herbal, and one other - so they have 3 options (3 tins looks better as well). 
  • People also LOVE the Stash Meyer lemon tea (this gets ordered through amazon, not on prime, just regular amazon, order the 100 packet box, its the best bang for your buck.)
  • We don't buy new tea tins, just the large bag of "sachets" to put in the tea tins. There are some flavors that we've retired and use the tins for markers - mostly because they were just seasonal specials or the community didn't drink it and it wasn't worth replenishing. 
  • Loose Leaf - I've noticed those who prefer loose leaf tea, bring their own in, if you're going to be a snob, be it fully, am I right? So I havent really ordered loose leaf in quite some time. But I do know the loose leaf strainer could use a friend soon, a second one is only needed every so often, but still good to have on hand. 
  • I drink a ton of tea, so I'm good at knowing when and what we need to order. I'm sure you'll come up with your own way of knowing all this, and your own formula, these are just my suggestions. 


:) happy tea-ing!