Closing Duties

Arrive promptly for your shift at the time set by your site manager.

  1. Lock doors
    • Front door will auto lock at 5pm - check this
    • Slide iron bar lock into west front door
    • Lock middle lobby door

  2. Wash dishes and clean counters
    • Fill and run dishwasher
    • Clean and rinse coffee carafes
    • Handwash overflow dishes
    • Empty and rinse espresso machine tray
    • Empty and wash large mason jar water carafe
    • Wipe down counters
    • Take out garbage, recycling, and compost (Friday only)

  3. Turn off lights
    • Unplug all sets of string lights
    • Turn off light switches by main door
    • Turn off main light switches by middle door (if last to leave)
    • Turn off conference room lights and unplug hanging lights
    • Turn off kitchen lights (power strip under bar)
    • Unplug front desk hanging light bulbs (pendants are on main switch)
    • Unplug lights above front Sunlight Conference table

  4. Tidy main area
    • Wipe tables
    • Push in chairs (including the conference room)
    • Wipe conference room whiteboards with spray and rag

  5. Tidy front desks
    • Stow iPad
    • Leave desks free of clutter

  6. Double check door is locked upon exit