Front Desk Duties

Arrive promptly for your shift at the time designated by your site manager

  1. Sit at desk and greet members
    • Greet members
    • Direct guests to iPad sign-in
    • Answer member questions as needed

  2. Check calendar daily

  3. Give tours

  4. Keep kitchen stocked and clean
    • Keep coffee filled until 3pm
    • Keep ice water topped off
    • Wipe down counters
    • Clean sink and put dishes in dishwasher - run as needed
    • Wipe out microwave
    • Clean and maintain espresso machine
    • Push in chairs

  5. Retrieve mail
    • Key is on lanyard in front desk
    • Mail room is inside 1st Ave South entrance to building
    • Place Endgrain/tPC mail in wire box at east front desk
    • Distribute member mail - some mail will have a sub box listed as below:
      100 South King Street
      Suite 100 #702
      Seattle, WA

  6. Water and spray plants
    • Mondays and Fridays: If dry, water each potted succulent with about a shot glass of water. Take hanging plants outside and thoroughly soak. Spray each plant with the squirt bottle. 5 sprays on potted succulents, 10 on larger hanging plants.