Booking a meeting


1.  Managing leads - Log a new inquiry in Streak by creating a new Box in the Events & Meetings Pipeline

  • Create a new Box for each new meeting inquiry, even if it is a past client (if Chris Hoyt books two meetings, create two boxes called Chris Hoyt.  We will fill in the name of the individual meeting later.  
  • Add box to the Meetings & Events Pipeline
  • Fill in as much information in the new Box as possible (Start date, company, email, headcount etc)



2.  Booking - When a client is ready to book, complete the following steps:

  • Send invoice Send an invoice via InvoiceNinja.  Create the 50% deposit as a "partial" on the invoice.    
    • Change the Streak stage to "Invoice Sent"


  • Create placeholder in YaRooms Create a tentative placeholder for the meeting in YaRoooms 
    • Naming convention for tentative external (non-member) meetings in YaRooms is T - [Client Name] - Headcount  e.g. T - GE Consulting - 15pax.  This lets our staff know that the meeting is not finalized.  


  • Send Confirmation:  Once the deposit is paid, change the status of the meeting on Streak to "Booked - Deposit Paid" and give the meeting a unique name.
    • Next, send them a canned email response Meeting Confirmation in GMail, updating the time, client name and details 
  • Finalize meeting in YaRooms Naming convention for finalized external (non-member) meetings in YaRooms is Prep - [Client Name] - Headcount  e.g.  Prep - GE Consulting - 15pax.  This lets our staff know that the room will need to be prepped ahead of time.
    • Add the client's email address to the list of invitees (in the Invite people field).  This will send them an invite to the meeting.
    • If possible, block out a 30 min bumper at the beginning of the meeting to prep the room (Name it the same thing but don't invite the client to this one :)) 


3.  Day-of


4.  Post meeting

  • Invoice for balance
    • Send out reminder via Invoice Ninja to pay outstanding balance of invoice-editing invoice to include any items that the client may have added on (breakout rooms, extra hours etc.)  
    • Once paid, change status of meeting in Streak to "Completed - Balance Paid"
  • Email Thank You - Send a thank you email to the client using the GMail canned response for meeting thank-yous.  Make sure to edit it so it is addressed to them and the subject is personalized.


  • Written Thank You - Send a handwritten thank you note to the client, including any follow up discount offers for repeat business (generally 15%).  
    • Once sent, record in streak under the "Thank you note sent " column


Thank you for reading this training document.  Please direct any questions or update requests to