Conference room prep


Night before


1.          Set out cart with water glasses, mugs, sugar, sweeteners

2.          Fill and set out tea tins

3.          Grind extra coffee for morning

4.          If client will have catering set up wood + pipe table next to column near door

5.          Charge and test Polycom system

6.          Wipe clean all whiteboards

7.          Wipe clean all tables

8.          Arrange chairs for # of attendees

9.          Set out dry erase markers and erasers

Day-of meeting


10.      Make 2 pots of coffee and fill thermos

11.      Fill second thermos with hot water for tea

12.      Ice water (add lemons or cucumber if available) in pitcher

13.      Prop doors to bathroom, show client

14.      Communicate WiFi password to client - print welcome page with their logo and WiFi credentials

15.      Show client LCD display (TV) or projector hookups, and webcam if needed

16.      Show client whiteboards and markers

17.      Refill coffee and clear garbage as needed during day  (ask client to place any empty items in need of refill next to the glass so that the staff can see them without bothering them)