i there,
Welcome to your first day at The Pioneer Collective.  While you're getting settled in, there are a few housekeeping items we need to take care of.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and try to tackle this list before the end of the day.

1.  Community guidelines - Please Read

2.  General membership to-dos

  • Sign and return your membership contract (individual members)
  • Set up Stripe subscription with Chris - you will be charged on the first day of your membership and a recurring charge will be initiated for that date each subsequent month until cancellation.
  • Gain key card access - you will be issued a key after a one week vetting period.  A $50 deposit will be due at issue, $25 is refundable upon termination of your membership

3.  Member resources

  • You can revisit these by clicking the link in the footer of our webpage, or clicking this link (password is membersonly)
  • Printing - Download Xerox 7545 printer drivers here.  Make sure to choose the correct version for your operating system.  Once downloaded, begin install, a test page should print when finished.
  • Food
    • Molly's - if you take a sandwich, salad, or wrap, just mark the date, product and your name on the sheet and we'll add it to your account 
    • Peach - if you are interested in receiving Peach deliveries for lunch, sign up here: peachd.com/pioneercollective There is no obligation to order anything, and they'll notify you of the options each week.
  • Conference room booking (Communal FT and Designated Desks only)
    • Sign up for YaRooms.  Chris will receive a notification to activate your account.
    • To book a lobby room - send Chris a message or ask him in person
  • Member communication - join the TPC #members thread on Slack.  You'll receive an invite from Chris.  (If you don't, gently remind him.)  This is where we share resources, make plans, announce events, and waste time.
  • Members Calendar - events, activities at TPC and around our neighborhood (includes Century Link and Safeco Field events)
  • After Hours / Weekend Contact Numbers
  • Pinnacle Property Management - (425) 453-5734 - After hours building related emergencies (leaks, locked out etc.) 
  • Chris Hoyt - (425) 442-5119 - Use for emergencies.  For non-emergencies please use Slack.
  • Member Directory - create a listing!

Closing Duties

If you are the last to leave please complete the following:

1.  Make sure lock switch and front door is red (test the door after it shuts behind you to make sure it is locked.)

2.  Flip both light switches at lobby door off


Thanks for choosing tPC!  We look forward to working with you.


The tPC team