Internet management

IMPORTANT - If internet connectivity issues are not limited to a certain zone (everyone's connection is down), or if both WiFi and wired (Ethernet) connections are disconnected, immediately call Chris at 425.442.5119 or 206.310.2863 and scroll to the bottom of this page for advanced troubleshooting instructions.

UniFi WiFi Management System

If a member(s) reports internet connectivity issues, it's usually a very simple fix: resetting the Wireless Access Point (WAP) in the member's zone.  (For the purpose of this training, think of WAPs like a wireless router in your home)

Currently, tPC has 5 WAPs in the space: TPC-UP, TPC-WEST, and TPC-EAST, TPC-Conf, and TPC-Canopy.  These are the round white devices on the ceiling that look like smoke detectors.  See image to the right.

You can log into the software console for managing the WAPs via this link:  (text Chris for login credentials)


Link to Console for WiFi Management

PRO-TIP: our management console is hosted on the cloud, so you can access it even if your wireless connection is down.  Either use your phone on LTE or walk into the lobby and connect to Westland Conference Room network (Pinnacle).