About the Pioneer Collective


The Pioneer Collective aims to provide a platform for creativity and human interaction in a world where opportunities for real world connections are rapidly declining. tPC provides an atmosphere where talented people will feel comfortable working or relaxing, collaborating or working alone, focusing or letting the mind wander.  Our diverse membership base comes draws from a myriad of backgrounds and life experiences.  Many of our members have relocated to Seattle from around the world, including Cuba, Italy, China, Quebec, New Zealand, England, New York, Ohio, Colorado, Alaska, Minnesota, and Texas.  The space is home to entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, consultants, freelancers, remote workers, students and small teams.

Industries represented include:

  • UX/UI design

  • Graphic design

  • Digital and fine arts

  • Photography

  • B2B and B2C web applications

  • Filmmaking

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering

  • Architecture

  • PR and marketing

  • Aerospace

  • Music

  • Academia

  • Computer engineering

  • Agriculture & forestry

  • Distribution

  • Advertising

  • Non-profits

Our Team

IMG_1410 (1).JPG

Jamie H. / Sr. Community Manager - Seattle

Jamie is an adventure-loving Iowan who has made her way to the Pacific Northwest.  After receiving her bachelor's degree in biology from Iowa State, she worked in a variety of industries from coffee to technology.  Through each experience, Jamie realized she had a passion for building communities and bringing people together, which ultimately brought her to the Pioneer Collective.  In her free time, you can find Jamie enjoying a beer, going on a long hike, or trying to convince herself to do yoga.  She also loves to travel.  Her favorite places to visit are Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Vietnam.  Stop by and say hi!


Sheila M. / Events Manager - Seattle + Tacoma

Sheila is a west coast native, having made her way to Seattle to attend the University of Washington by way of California and Oregon. She has a degree in Communications and a background in events within the marketing industry. During college she became fascinated with French language and culture which led her to study in Paris. She is passionate about cultivating a sense of community in her work and bringing people together through live experiences. Some of her favorite ways to get inspired - exploring Seattle on foot, live music, interior & floral design, and yoga (she is currently on her way to becoming a certified teacher). Come say hello!

Meet The Founders


Audrey and Chris are a husband and wife team based in Seattle, Washington with a shared love for placemaking and business.  As their garage wood shop grew from a lone miter saw to a more robust and slightly cramped collection of hand and power tools, so did their passion for the hands-on element of designing and building. Their shared entrepreneurial drive coupled with a love of designing space and bringing people together led to the creation of The Pioneer Collective in 2014.

In their previous careers, they each experienced a variety of office settings.  After logging work hours in corporate offices, home offices, coffee shops, and shared workspaces, they became believers in the value of communal work environments.  In a time when more professionals are able to dictate their work settings and schedules, they remain dedicated to the idea that human interaction, atmosphere, and modern and seamless technology foster creativity and productivity.

The Pioneer Collective was born from a desire to design an inspiring space and community for people who share these views.

With two young daughters and a third baby on the way, the creation of their business coincided with the creation of their family. Their girls have grown up logging hours at both locations helping hold drills, rearranging furniture, and deciding what art should be hung where. When not on-site, they love spending time playing outside, making art & playing music, gardening, and working restlessly on more DIY projects at their home.