TPC Tacoma Member Spotlight: CECILIA.FM - Rob Hoile & Susan Stone


Tell us a little bit about the background behind Cecilia. How did you both land in this industry?

Rob: CECILIA.FM makes branded content for the ears, for people that want to get heard. We are the first company to bring narrative and interactive content together in one space - podcasts, voice experiences, music, audio strategies and more - if it’s for the ears, we’re your people. We’ve spent over 10 years working in London creating award-winning branded audio for clients such as SONOS, Nike, Google, Spotify, Louis Vuitton, Land Rover, AT&T and Johnson & Johnson and recently moved to the Pacific Northwest to be in the heartland of voice tech and sonic culture to bring these worlds together. 

Susan: What makes us really different is that we think listener-first. Audio isn’t a fragmented platform game, it’s about reaching people in headphones or at home and doing that in the most effective, sustainable and interesting way.  As audio and voice started to explode, it was clear that brands are not set up for success and often don’t have the bandwidth to tackle it effectively. Rob handles production and sound engineering, I’m the creative director, and we’re both obsessed with audio, technology and making the world a better place to be listening.  

Podcasts are on the rise more than ever. Why do you think this is?

Rob:  I feel the intimacy of podcasts, like audio itself, boils down to the signal-noise ratio - it allows us to hear much more signal than noise and in turn helps us feel more part of a community, more heard and more interconnected. A feeling that we all yearn for IRL. 

On the contrary, it seems we are constantly being bombarded in today’s society to receive information as quickly as possible. What are your biggest challenges in helping to create engaging material that requires deep listening?

Susan:  This is a big question to unpack in one answer :) The upshot of audio tech is that it’s insanely easy to make content. But making something worth a listen is a totally different beast. Humans are acutely wired for audio communication and spoken word, but in our always-on worlds of self broadcast, we often forget that making people feel heard and accepted is the most incredible thing we can do - i.e. not defaulting into talking about yourself.  Finding ways into the beautifully crazy pockets of life, without any friction and often without visuals, is really exciting.

Rob: We are what we spend time with - and being lucky enough to be a habit in someone’s life means making moments of high frequency and high focus. We’ve spent a lot of time getting deep with how people listen in today’s world to really get to the quick of this in some pretty cool ways. 


The business of sound is so broad - you are working in both digital and real world frameworks. Can you speak to how these worlds interweave? What creates the most unique and impactful experience?

Susan: We’re big believers in designing audio as if it were a physical space, and designing around culture and values. That means design-thinking for all the senses, context, culture and values that come along with your audience’s experience of you. A 1-1 listening environment can actually feel quite intense, kind of like walking into a bar and being the only person there. We have a signature workshop called a ‘Tune-Up’ that takes clients through the process of designing for the ears in really provocative ways and making the invisible, visible. They usually never think about sound the same way again! 

Listening to music, podcasts, what have you, are ways to relate with others. Do you think storytelling through these mediums can translate to long lasting effects of increased empathy in listeners?

Susan: Short answer - huge yes! We were recently hired by SONOS for a large global research project around what makes a brilliant sound experience and how sound makes us better people. The majority of respondents said they’ve learned as much from podcasts as they did in grade school, and that shared musical taste makes them feel instantly connected to somebody.  Both music and longer narrative stories have a profound impact on our identity and our connection to each other. I have a Masters Degree in Applied Music Psychology and am extremely passionate about how we listen to each other and the world around us. We’re working on a podcast series all about making us better listeners, so watch this space :)

What has been the most exciting project for Cecilia that you’ve worked on?

Rob: Hands down it has to be The Discovery Adventures podcast for Land Rover, where we took a brief for a traditional travel podcast, infused it with Land Rover’s spirit for adventure and delivered the first-ever binaural family adventure podcast. The actual production was more akin to film production, with each episode being recorded at real locations across the UK. This meant we rappelled down prehistoric cave systems, climbed ancient trees and raced off-road across the English countryside shoving a binaural mic everywhere we could.  Recording binaurally puts the listener at the heart of the adventure. It was such an incredible crew and cast, and really set the benchmark of how a brand can elevate a medium, and see global recognition and brand impact. The trust and bravery the brand gave us to pursue that was fantastic. If you want to hear more, you can listen to me wax on here via an interview I did with the BBC.

I have to ask, favorite album of all time?

Rob: Endtroducing, DJ Shadow  

Susan: Blue Lines, Massive Attack 


The best-kept secret in Tacoma is _________.

Rob: the corner window table in Steamers (Titlow Beach) at sunset having fish and chips with the family. It’s the Brit in me. 

Susan: Monkeyshines. And maybe Tacoma itself.

If I could travel anywhere in the world next it would be _________.

Rob: to take part in the Mongol Rally, a race for charity from London to Ulan Bator. Essentially it’s 10,000 miles of chaos across mountains, deserts, and roads ranging from bad to not-a-road in a tiny 1000cc car you and your best mate bought from a scrapyard

Susan: 24 hours in London to see friends for brunch at Dean Street Townhouse, hit Rough Trade Records, sink into a corner of the Holly Bush pub, walk through Hampstead Heath, and catch a live screening of Fleabag.

_________ is a podcast episode everyone should go listen to right now.

Rob: Ted Hour’s Manipulation.

Susan: A few for different contexts -

Short listen: A totally irreverent yet totally relevant debate on Millennial Pink vs Gen Z Yellow.!bcd4f

Medium listen: A classic. Act One: The Break-Up. This American Life + Phil Collins. Do you need to know more?

Long listen: On the theme of human empathy…listen if you like Ear Hustle. Warning this podcast may change you.

_________ and _________ are the people that inspire me most.

Rob: Trent Reznor (NIN) and Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool FC) are the people that inspire me most. On match days, you may find me down at Doyle’s having Guinness for breakfast.

Susan: Tig Notaro and Chilly Gonzales are two people that inspire me. Being seriously funny is seriously needed in today’s world. 

Someone may not know that _________.

Rob: I have played drums live on stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Susan: I know Indian Head Massage.

_________ is better than people think.

Rob: Marmite is better than people think.

Susan: Swiss rose wine is better than people think.

Thanks Rob and Susan!

Photo credit: Effie Gurmeza -

Why Your Seattle Company Should Open a Satellite Office in Tacoma

Save Money, Find Talent, Boost Morale


Improve Employee Morale, Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Some of your employees are likely already commuting from the Tacoma area to Seattle each day, and many more may soon follow, looking for more affordable housing. Most of these commuters are spending two or more hours sitting in traffic daily. Single occupant vehicle commuting has significant psychological and social costs and also negatively impacts the environment. In addition to perks like transit passes, Seattle companies should consider opening a remote office in Tacoma that South Sound employees can use, either full-time or for the occasional remote work day or meeting. Your employees will thank you.

Attract and retain talent and save money.
Companies are finding that they can attract top talent at much cheaper rates by looking south of Seattle. The cost of living in Tacoma is 41% cheaper than Seattle, the median home price is 61% cheaper and the median salary is 57% lower than in the Seattle / Eastside region. On top of that, Tacoma is home to a University of Washington campus, Pacific Lutheran University and University of Puget Sound. All of these institutions produce quality graduates and job candidates, including those in technical and engineering fields, in need of work. Joint Base Lewis McChord is also a short drive away and thousands of highly trained veterans enter the private sector in the region every year. Military spouses, many of whom relocated to the Tacoma area keeping remote technical jobs, can also be a great source of talent.

Business Friendly Climate

Tacoma prides itself on maintaining a business friendly climate. Here are a few highlights from the City of Tacoma website:

  • There is no personal income tax in the City, County or State.

  • There is no corporate excise tax in the City, County or State.

  • There is no property tax on inventories.

  • There is no square footage tax.

  • There is no separate transit district tax.

  • There are no impact fees.

  • The City of Tacoma charges a Business & Occupation (B&O) tax, but it can be offset by tax credits. Businesses whose gross income is equal to or less than $250,000 annually are exempt from the B&O tax. Companies with gross incomes between $250,001 and $300,000 pay according to a sliding scale.

  • Business license fees are modest ($90 annual fee for businesses with annual gross incomes of ≥$12,000).

Why Set Up A Remote Office in Tacoma?

  1. Turnkey, flexible, no long-term commitments. Both our offices and coworking memberships are available on monthly contracts and allow companies the flexibility to experiment with a presence in Tacoma while avoiding long-term lease obligations, expensive tenant improvement projects, managing multiple vendor account, and personal guarantees. If your company’s presence grows, we’ll scale with you, and if it shrinks or closes, you can exit with no ongoing obligations or liabilities.

  2. Access to first class amenities. Because the coworking model allows companies to pool resources, the amenities available to your team will extend far beyond the square footage footprint of your office. In addition to your private office, your employees will have access to beautiful common areas, conference rooms, meeting rooms and phone booths. A first-class kitchenette fully stocked with complimentary coffee & tea will make you feel right at home. With on-site management and staff, your clients will always be greeted, you’ll have a resource with all the answers that also knows you by name, and any issues or concerns can be immediately troubleshot. We’ll handle your office management, furniture procurement, IT administration & infrastructure, custodial services and more. You only pay one vendor each month and leave the details to us so you can focus on your work.

  3. Community and Collaboration. TPC provides space for a collective of diverse individuals to come together, fostering both professional collaboration and personal connections. For small teams, startups, and established professionals, finding a network of business contacts is invaluable. With members across industries crossing paths daily, TPC serves as a natural breeding ground for sharing experiences, advice, and referrals. By offering a place where in-person connections are made, hiring your next employee or learning the name of the perfect small-business accountant or software solution may be just one conversation away.

TPC Member Spotlight: Gimkit -- Josh Feinsilber & Jeff Osborn


Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Gimkit for those reading who aren’t familiar?

Jeff: Gimkit creates memorable learning experiences. Currently, we make a game show for the classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win. Teachers create quiz games (we call them Kits) that they play in their classrooms to teach new material, review for tests, or achieve mastery on elements of a unit. Gimkit is designed to help teachers effectively teach their material while keeping students engaged and excited.

How did Gimkit get started? What got you all to this point?

Jeff: Josh created Gimkit as a school project during his junior year at Gibson Ek, a project-based public high school in Issaquah. The first place Josh ever published Gimkit was on Product Hunt at the end of October, 2017. (You can see that original post and a pretty awesome thread of comments here.)

The reason Gimkit is at where it’s at is because we worked to create a deep connection with the teachers and students who use Gimkit. And we started building that relationship from day one. Josh and I had personal conversations with Gimkit’s first users to see what worked well and what could be improved on. In those early conversations we also got a ton of student feedback. Josh took what he heard and developed the product to match not what he wanted it to be, but what teachers and students needed. 

May 2019 was our last full month of normal usage for the school year and we had 3M MAUs. We attribute each of those people to the early users who took time with us to help us understand the product better and create something teachers and students truly needed and wanted.

Josh, what is it like to be a full-time developer, founder, & business owner just out of high school?

Josh: It’s pretty crazy, but I’m incredibly fortunate! Running a business is extremely stressful & crazy, but also beyond rewarding. I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without the tremendous support of my family, friends, school staff, and mentors.

In many ways, I’m extremely excited to focus more on Gimkit now that I’m out of high school. I get to spend most of my day building something that helps students & educators. But, I’m also a bit sad -- I loved my school and all the people there; it will be weird not seeing them almost every day!


How did the two of you meet and what led you to work together? Would you say your skill sets and work styles are similar and additive or different and complementary?

Jeff: I saw Gimkit, then called Gimlet, on Product Hunt. I reached out to Josh to see if I could help with his name/branding issue. We met up a few weeks after that and I advised/mentored Josh for over a year, then came on full-time at the end of January 2019. Up until that point, Josh had been managing the business, going to school, and going to his internship at FiftyThree. It was a lot for anyone and it forced him to think deeply about whether he wanted to commit to Gimkit full time after high school. Toward the end of 2018 he decided that he did and I joined shortly after that. 

We’re both super silly and have always worked well together. We think in similar but different ways, which helps balance the partnership out. Josh is an incredibly empathetic problem solver and I think I’ve always helped him find ways to connect and hear from the people he wants to help. Also, from the beginning, we’ve never taken anything we say to each other personally, which allows us to focus on teachers, students, and the work.

What do you see as the future of Gimkit? Where would you like it to go?

Jeff: We currently make only one tool for the classroom, but our vision is to build a suite of engaging, easy to use tools that help reshape education for teachers and students.

What are some of the difficulties that come with being a small tech company, particularly working in education?

Jeff: We haven’t experienced many of the difficulties yet, but the big one everyone talks about, and the one that’s right around the corner for us, is the bureaucracy of dealing with districts. Our business model is selling subscriptions to individual teachers. But we want schools and districts to cover as many of those subscriptions as possible. And since group subscriptions (department, school, and district purchases) are a rapidly growing part of our business, we will be dipping our toes in the exciting world of government contacts more and more. We already accept purchase orders from schools, which have a pretty incredible lead-time from quote to purchase, and collecting payment on POs can sometimes be an adventure. But, again, it’s important to us that teachers’ Gimkit purchases are supported by their schools and districts, so we’re happy to learn about that world and figure out how to thrive in it!

Mostly, working in education has been incredible so far. I’ve never seen something spread via word of mouth like Gimkit has in Educator circles. We’ve also seen an unbelievable amount of support from others in our space, large and small. The prevailing attitude seems to be that we’re all in this together to help improve education.

Why is working in education so important to you? What makes you so passionate?

Josh: Education is at the core of almost everything. All the amazing things going on in the world wouldn’t have been possible with education to get to that point. For as much as education has helped so much, it also needs a lot of work. Educators are extremely underpaid and many students aren’t enjoying school every day. I’m passionate to work in education in help solve some of those problems. The effects will ripple throughout everywhere else!

Jeff: I agree with everything Josh said. The added factor for me is that I have two little kids. Since my son was born 5 years ago, I’ve found myself thinking about education more and trying to find ways to be active in education and youth-related organizations. If I can improve the education experience even just a 0.001% before my kids start school, I’ll be happy. The goal of course is to make a larger, longer-lasting impact. Learning is one of the most exciting things in this life, but somehow our education system has turned school into the last place so many students want to be. Josh and I both feel strongly that school can and should be a place teachers and students are excited to be.

So here’s the question we’ve all been waiting for, what was your favorite subject in school?

Josh: Ooh, that’s really quite a tough one. I would say science. It was so interesting to me to discover and investigate about all the things around us and far away.

Jeff: I honestly didn’t like school when I was in it, but I always loved sports. Some of the most important life lessons I’ve ever gotten have come from team sports. I also enjoyed my science classes. I never did well in them, but science always fascinated me. In college, my favorite classes were astronomy and linguistics. 



A perfect weekend starts with _______ and ends with __________? 

Josh: A perfect weekend starts with my dog Finn, and ends with 8+ hours of sleep!

Jeff: A perfect weekend starts with sleeping in and ends with outdoor family time!

_____ is totally underrated.

Josh: Mr Robot

Jeff: Vegetables are totally underrated.

_____is totally overrated.

Josh: Importance of higher education

Jeff: Grades are totally overrated. Also, Chipotle is pretty overrated.

If I could eat any meal in the world, it would be _______ prepared by ______.

Jeff: If I could eat any meal in the world, it would be chili crab in Singapore prepared by the chili crab guy at Newton Food Centere. While I’m there I’ll also have laksa and carrot cake, please!

If I got a surprise day off  tomorrow, I would _____.

Jeff: If I got a surprise day off  tomorrow, I would take my kids outside in the morning, go see a movie with my wife in the afternoon, and grab a torta at Taco Chukis for dinner.

What's On Tap - June 2019

Can any one else not believe that it is already June? Things have been very busy around The Pioneer Collective as our Tacoma location grand opening is growing close—July 8th, Everyone! Here’s what has been going on at both locations over the past couple of weeks and what is coming up.


What’s New

We are pleased to welcome Sheila McClung to the TPC team! Sheila will be the Community Manager at our Tacoma location. Here’s a little about her:

Sheila is a west coast native, having made her way to Seattle to attend the University of Washington by way of California and Oregon. She has a degree in communications and a background in events within the marketing industry. During college she became fascinated with French language and culture which led her to study in Paris. She is passionate about cultivating a sense of community in her work and bringing people together through live experiences. Some of her favorite ways to get inspired are - exploring Seattle on foot, live music, interior & floral design, and yoga (she is currently on her way to becoming a certified teacher). Come say hello!


What We’re Doing

Beam Suntory Happy Hour(s)

Another Beam Suntory Happy Hour has come & gone. This time we enjoyed Maker’s Mark whisky in Black Manhattans & Campfire cocktails. We also enjoyed Humble Pie's delicious pizza slices as well as each other’s company! We did think this was going to be the last Beam Suntory sponsored happy hour but we are are happy to say there will be one more!

Our last Beam Suntory sponsored happy hour will now be on July 3rd so come hangout before you kick-off the long weekend and get yourself a Long Island or a Gin & tonic! Hope to see you then!

Happy hour.jpg

Voyager’s Table Happy Hour

Speaking of happy hours, we are happy to have teamed up with Voyager’s Table to put on an amazing member’s only happy hour. Voyager’s Table will be providing a beautiful charcuterie board so come hungry and The Pioneer Collective is providing the drinks. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Getaround Bagel Breakfast

Getaround came back to the space this week to share with us about their car share service and brought bagels for members to enjoy. Be sure to check them out if you are in need of a car for any reason or if you have a car and are wanting to earn some extra cash!

What We’re Working On

By now, we’re sure you know that we are opening our second location in downtown Tacoma & we could not be more excited! As the opening day draws near, we are working hard to pull it all together and we’re really loving how it’s turning out. Check out the gallery below to see some of the progress we have made on the space so far!

What We’re Drinking

  • New Zealand IPA by Metier Brewing: Light bodied and thirst-quenching, the Pilsner base malt accentuates these highly aromatic Kiwi grown hops: Motueka, Pacifica, and Pacific Jade.

  • El Capitan by Bluebeard Coffee Roasters: Chocolate, caramel, nut and berry. Medium plus body. Caramelization roast. Our batch brew go-to coffee. 

  • Strawberry Kiwi Herbal Tea by Harney & Sons: a blend of strawberries and dried fruit pieces with strawberry and kiwi flavors to create a vibrant ruby red drink. It looks festive brewed in a glass teapot, and tastes delicious hot or iced. 

What We’re Listening To:

Nick Murphy (AKA Chet Faker) - Run Fast Sleep Naked

Tacoma Work In Progress Update #1

We continue our march toward opening a Tacoma location this June. Delays aside, it’s been a relatively smooth ride as far as construction projects go.


Floors: One of the first big budgetary hurdles we faced was deciding how to cover 12,000 square feet of floor. Some detective work uncovered that under layers of carpet, asbestos tile, and plywood, the original fir flooring was in relatively good shape in many places. After considering Laminate Vinyl Tile, and other options, our partners and building owners, Power Properties, made the decision to abate and restore, much to our pleasure. The flooring subcontractor worked some magic to patch and repair the more damaged areas, and the finished product is stunning. 


Lessons Learned From Seattle 

Now that we have four years of observational data and feedback from our Pioneer Square workspace, we have an even better understanding of the dynamic nature of work today and how we can best design to facilitate productivity. We did a pretty good job back in 2015 considering how green we were, but there were definitely some mistakes that we learned from:

1. Members’ environmental needs change throughout the week and even within a day. A freelancer might take calls all day Monday, need to do uninterrupted focus work on Tuesday morning and then hold impromptu meetings in the afternoon. In Tacoma, we’ve created spaces designed for deep work, casual huddle-ups, formal presentations, phone work, large gatherings and everything in between. We’ve added features like restaurant style boothing, small huddle rooms, and extra soft seating in common areas to better provide for the often unpredictable space requirements of our members.

2. Flow matters. In Seattle, our most popular conference room is in the back of the main floor space. This was arguably an architectural necessity due to space constraints, but it’s less than ideal. Meeting attendees need to walk through communal workspace and our designated desk area every time they enter or exit the room. When programming our Tacoma space, we deliberately designed each space to be directly accessible from the lobby entrance, so members, customers and guests can move through the space without disturbing the day to day flow.

3. The kitchen is the heart. This is the exception to the rule above. In Seattle, even though it’s a rather forgettable galley style kitchenette, buried in the back, the kitchen is where the most meaningful interactions take place. This is where we want people to run into each other and where active conversations and socializing are the norm. We made the kitchen the physical and visual centerpiece of our great room in Tacoma. It will be the first thing one notices when they enter and center stage for coffee, food, drink and all the social benefits so important to a thriving coworking space.



Having great vendors you can trust can make or break a project. We owe a huge shout out to our friend and favorite fabricator, Don Goble of Weld & Glue. He worked with us to design all of our desks and tables in Seattle, and has done the all metal work in both our spaces over the years. We brought him in to do a ton of woodwork on the Tacoma space as well, building out our kitchen cabinets and bar, all our desks, and built in furniture and booths. If you need metal work, furniture design, or wood work, give Don a shout, he’s the best.



Great Room - Before

Great Room - Before


Great Room - After (reverse view)

Seattle: A Town of Transplants

If you haven’t noticed, Seattle is a town of transplants—no one who lives here now-a-days is from here (or so it seems). So we asked a few of our members making Seattle their new home, “Why Seattle?” & their thoughts on it so far. Read on for their favorite (& least favorite) parts of the Emerald City.


Alex followed her family up to Seattle 6 years ago from Fresno, CA. She loves that there is so much to do in Seattle and all of the amazing bars & restaurants. She highly recommends Linda’s Tavern in Capitol Hill for its great food, great people, & great drinks. Alex doesn’t love the ever changing weather but has still made Seattle her forever home!

Heather, originally from San Diego, CA, came to Seattle 5 years. How she puts it is, “Seattle brought me to Seattle. I fell in love with the city and decided this was where I wanted to be”. She loves that Seattle & the surrounding area is so beautiful. The combination of gorgeous green tree line with the city streets & tall brick buildings is one of the things that she loves the most along with the proximity to the mountains & ocean. She would recommend Peddler Brewing to anyone visiting as it is “so NW it's ridiculous. Beer, cycling, covered patios, dogs, and frequent outdoor movies and nerdy science based talks” all make it a cool place to visit. Heather also recommends you check out Timber Outdoor Music Festival. “It's a small music festival usually showcasing lots of local bands, fun in the sun, beer tents, river floats and camping. Always my favorite summertime weekend”! Although she loves Seattle, Heather is considering other options as the city continues to get more expensive.

James is originally from Maine but came to Seattle from Chicago as his company was expanding about 3 years ago. He loves the oysters, mountains, & skiing that Seattle has to offer & in fact he recommends Taylor Shellfish Farms if you’re looking to try out some fresh PNW oysters. As far as cons, the ever-rising cost of the city is definitely challenging & the restaurants leave something to be desired according to James. Although he loves Seattle, James is heading off on his next adventure abroad very soon so he won’t be sticking around.


Caroline moved to Seattle from Louisville, KY just 6 months ago. She’s a big fan of Seattle’s natural beauty—particularly the mountains & the weather. She recommends the swanky MBar in SLU, the historic yet modern Good Bar or just Pioneer Square in general! Although the streets & the neighborhoods are overcrowded, Caroline thinks she’ll stick around for a couple of years before her next move.

Aaron is another recent Seattleite transplanting from New York City last fall. He came to Seattle for a multitude of reasons from size to job opportunities to nature but ultimately family. Compared to New York, Aaron says Seattle is “the right balance of being a world class city without sacrificing quality of life”. He says his favorite thing about Seattle is his “new lifestyle. Seattle is liveable and breathable. We can take a stroll around our neighborhood, checking out the local farmers market. Drive to the mountains to find a beautiful Lake Serene covered in snow. Take the water taxi into downtown.” Although, he finds people aren’t as direct as in NYC, Aaron is definitely going to be sticking around.

Jeff is originally from Washington, D.C. and was brought to Seattle for a job. He loves Seattle’s weather but could live without “the Seattle Freeze”. He would suggest Tilikum Place Cafe in Belltown to both those passing through & those who’ve made Seattle their home. At this point, Jeff has no plans to pack up & move on so maybe you’ll catch him at Tilikum sometime!

What's On Tap - March 2019

Now that we survived Snowmageddon & there is a semblance of spring (c’mon Seattle sun!), here’s what we are up to this month at the Pioneer Collective.

Image by Christine Yoo (

Image by Christine Yoo (

What We’re Doing

Beam Suntory Happy Hour—Round 2

The guys from Beam Suntory were back last week & this time they brought gin! We enjoyed both the traditional gin martini & their twist on a gin & tonic that they brought for us. We also paired it with some Humble Pies for the perfect combination of good drinks, good food, & good company! See you all next month for round 3!


tPC x Flatstick Pub

We are headed to our Pioneer Square neighbors, Flatstick Pub next Thursday! Bring your lunch or buy some tacos from Manu’s & grab a local drink. We'll be playing some FREE mini golf & duffleboard (a flatstick pub original) as well! Prizes will be awarded for those with the best score in each event.

March Madness

We’re hosting the 3rd annual tPC March Madness bracket. Games start on Tuesday, March 19th so be sure to get your brackets in before then. We will be tracking the progress & will award a prize for the winning brackets! Get ready for the madness!

What We’re Working On

tPC Tacoma

Construction on our second location in Tacoma is underway & we couldn’t be more excited! tPC Tacoma will have coworking, private offices, meeting room rentals & of course the same character & charm of the original location. Contact hello@thepioneercollective for more information or check out our work-in-progress photos on our instagram @the_pioneercollective


Ebbets Field Flannels — Offbeat

Offbeat, aka Danny & Thomas, recently produced a video for our neighbors Ebbets Field Flannels! Both companies are super rad so be sure to check it out.

What We’re Drinking

  • Belgian Golden by Meteir Brewing  - A light to medium bodied Golden Strong Ale with notes of tropical fruit and lingering peppery spices. Be careful with this one though as it packs a punch with an ABV of 9.7

  • 9 Swans (Colombian) by Elm Coffee Roasters - This coffee is sweet like caramel with tons of orange, cherry and tangerine fruit.  Well balanced, this coffee is stellar both on its own or with milk.

  • Ashwagandha Chai by Rebbl - This “super herb powered coconut elixir” is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for those who want a smooth & spicy drink with a bit of caffeine

What We’re Listening To

Room 25 - Noname

TPC Joins LeXC, Giving Members Access to Workspaces Around The World

In January, The Pioneer Collective officially joined the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LeXC), an organization of independent workspace operators. 

As a member space, TPC can now pass along guest access privileges to its members at dozens of spaces across five continents.

Browse the list of member spaces here.

TPC members simply make a reservation using LiquidSpace, show up and get to work. All members are entitled to free, full-day coworking passes at any of these locations, up to 5 times per space, per year.

Email for more information or make a reservation.






What's On Tap - February 2019

January was a blur and now we’re into the shortest month of the year. Spring is just around the corner. (right?) But first we want to get in some powder days, a nice Valentine’s Day dinner and celebrate the opening of the new SR-99 Tunnel. Here’s a digest of what’s going on at the space:


What we’re doing

Untitled Coffee Co Pop-Up

Untitled Coffee Co. is coming to tPC February 5th - 8th to do a pop-up coffee shop! “Untitled Coffee Co. is a third-wave coffee bar. What is third-wave? Simply put, we serve only the highest grade coffee beans that are sourced by our team of different coffee roasters to ensure the quality of your cup! From our flavored syrups, to our Oat Milk, we try our best to keep everything vegan-friendly. We have partnered with several coffee roasters thus far and will be collaborating with more as we progress!”


SR-99 Tunnel Fun Run 8K

We have a team of members and friends running all 8 kilometers (that’s 4.97 miles for you redcoats) of the new tunnel. Join us February 2nd or just meet us at the finish line for some Gu shots.

Beam Suntory Happy Hour

For everyone who was able to attend the Beam Suntory Happy Hour, thank you for making the event so much fun! For everyone who missed it, you have three more opportunities to get in on the fun!! The next Beam Suntory HH will be on March 7th. Hope to see you all there!

Upcoming (next month) - we’ll be hosting the 3rd annual tPC March Madness bracket. We hope to get around to making a giant wall copy to track progress. More details to come.

What we’re working on

The Bird King by Willow Wilson

Willow’s most recent novel, The Bird King, is being published soon! The book is available for pre-order now & a lot of it was editted from tPC!

A little about the book: “A fantastical journey set at the height of the Spanish Inquisition from the award-winning author of Alif the Unseen and writer of the Ms. Marvel series, G. Willow Wilson’s The Bird King is a jubilant story of love versus power, religion versus faith, and freedom versus safety.” Be sure to check it out!

Virtua Rasa by Jeff Olhoeft

“Virtua Rasa is a virtual table-top for role-playing games and for table-top games in general. Games can be played exclusively on a virtual table-top, or you can add webcams to include augmented reality in your game. We’re a couple of programmers and gamers who wanted a way to use AR with VTTs, so that we could keep playing games with friends around the country, and still use our collections of gaming accessories (painted miniatures, terrain, maps, …), so we built Virtua Rasa!

This website is the result of that effort, and it’s time to show it to other people and see how much better it can get!

We have a demo set up where you automatically get a temporary game token to get your feet wet, or you can make a free account, set up your own game, or play in someone else’s game!”

American Murder Song - Smarthouse Creative

Smarthouse did some consulting & marketing for American Murder Song. “Their songs are all based on real murderers throughout American history; they even have a Donner Party board game.” Check it out here!

2019 Adventure Calendar by Christine

Check out this calendar featuring 12 photos taken by Christine Yoo! Some product details:

  • 12 unbound pages ft. moments from chasing wonder in 2018

  • After the month ends, flip the page, snip along the dotted line & send as a postcard. Reduce, reuse, recycle––aw yeah.

  • 5.4" x 7.5"

  • Printed on heavy matte card stock

  • All photos shot by Christine Yoo

  • 25% of the proceeds go to El Pozo de Vida, an amazing org that fights human trafficking in Mexico.

Member Spotlight: Brian McRae

And if you missed it, check out our January Member Spotlight Brian McRae of Product School.

What we’re drinking

  • Key Lime Lacroix - more polarizing than coconut. Tastes like a jolly rancher sans corn syrup.

  • Rogers Pilsner (Georgetown) - Crosby® grown Sterling hops give this refreshing pilsner a spicy and earthy hop aroma. 

  • 9 Swans (Elm Coffee Roasters) - Colombia Iquira.  This Caturra and Castillo coffee was grown in Northen Huila in the late summer.  It has an intense cherry character with plenty of sweetness.  We roast it such that it works well with or without milk, and is quite soluble for easy extraction. 

What we’re listening to