tPC Member Spotlight: Seek Architecture

This installment of the TPC Spotlight is long overdue.  We pick the series back up by interviewing Sam Kraft of Seek Architecture.  The team at Seek includes Sam, Eric Brooks, and Katherine Jacobs.   They have been TPC members since October and have the coolest looking desks in the space.

These images were taken from an entry Seek made into the perFORM competition for Hammer and Hand.  See the full boards here.

Tell me a bit about how the three of you met?

We all met in grad school and discovered we had a shared interest in architecture that combines nature and technology.

When was Seek founded?

The company was  founded in the summer of 2012.

What is the ethos of Seek?  Your website says "naturally responsible architecture" how do you set out to achieve this?  Is it a more of a high level commitment or does it play in to the every day details of the job?

At our core, we want to do a good job for our clients, but also for the earth.    "Naturally responsible" is a hardworking phrase because it speaks both to our innate sense of duty to our projects, but also our duty to the natural systems that we owe our existence to.

What are some of the challenges of running a small firm?

There are so many challenges!  But ultimately, we like a small firm because it allows us all to be both generalists and specialists.

I always picture Seattle as very conservative and unimaginative when it comes to what actually gets built.  Obviously there are many factors that can influence this, but what would you say the general attitude toward architecture and development is in Seattle versus other cities?

I am not sure about comparing it to other cities, but I think there is a lot of the same-old going on here, but also plenty that is new and exciting.  New materials and methods, a lot of youthful energy, and a strong economy create a climate that supports creative design.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  

Cook, run, garden, & carpentry Editor's note:  Sam likes to run 6.5 miles from Othello to Pioneer Square for his morning commute.

Out of all the places you've worked, why is the Pioneer Collective your favorite by far?

I know this is a joke question, but seriously, I value the fact that you guys present a polished and professional space and service, but you are attentive and friendly in a mom & pop way.  Its how we try to run our business and I think its a knock out combo.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Seattle?

Right now, its Maneki.   (A Japanese restaurant in Seattle's International District)

Where do you see seek on November 10th of 2016?

Whatever form Seek will be in one year, we will certainly be rapidly learning and evolving because it's one thing we do well.