Our "first week"

We had anticipated February 1st would mark the commencement of our lease, however, we are not quite in the space yet. The build-out is not fully finished, which means we're not yet ready to open for business. As a result, we've spent this past week working from the building's conference room while getting to know the neighborhood as we wait to move in once the build-out is deemed "substantially complete." We expect February 20th to be the new completion date.

So, perched atop the space in the mezzanine that will eventually be part of our space, we've been taking in our surroundings while working on some of the tedious tasks involved in setting up a new business: insurance issues, tax filings, accounting, setting up internet & phone plans, signage applications, etc.

One of the first hard lessons we've learned relates to electrical wiring. When we had originally seen the space, we'd observed the electrical outlet boxes affixed to most of the interior columns and didn't negotiate any specifics into the lease.  It turns out we didn't accurately plan for the capacity we will need to service all of our desk space.  We've now realized we need to install more receptacles which will add a few thousand dollars to our build budget. At least now we can rest assured knowing there will be plenty of outlets into which our members can plug their devices.