tPC Member Spotlight: Manny Cruz of Textron Aviation

Mr. Cruz.

Manny Cruz is the regional sales director for Textron Aviation in the Pacific Northwest region.  He sells piston airplanes to business owners, private individuals, and flight schools that instruct the pilots of the future.  He was also the very first member of The Pioneer Collective, joining during our soft opening in May of 2015.  

What are some projects are you working on?

My current project is a demo tour for my territory.  This means I get to bring an airplane in from Wichita, KS, where it was hand built, and fly it all over WA, OR, MT and ID to show to customers private demos and enjoy the great views of the PNW.
Manny's other office.

Manny's other office.

Where are you from?

East coast, born in NJ, lived in NY, and Florida was my last stop before coming out to PNW.  I have no plans on going back to the east coast!

Favorite thing to do in Seattle?

EAT!!!  There are so many good spots to eat and enjoy the exceptional views that Seattle has to offer.  One of my favorite spots is Westward in Fremont because it reminds me of Florida.


Favorite thing about the Pioneer Square neighborhood?

There always something to do!  I like to walk the city and find new places to taste great beer, eat, and meet new people.


Is this your first time working from a coworking or shared work space?

Yes, I was going stir crazy in my small apartment and needed a way to take work away from home.   TPC has made my productivity increase tenfold and it great to be part of a small but diverse community.

What drew you to TPC?

I was one of the first members to join prior to completion.  Location was key!
The delivery hangar.

The delivery hangar.

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