Getting to South Lake Union from Pioneer Square

Whether you're craving a $16 sandwich, needing a glimpse of Bezo's Balls, or meeting a friend in Amazonia, sometimes you can't avoid a trip to SLU.  If you're heading there from Pioneer Square, choose one of the below routes:



Metro Bus - Route 40 to Northgate Fremont (20 min / 5 calories burned)

I know, yuck!  But the bus is still the fastest way to get between most neighborhoods in Seattle.  To get to South Lake Union from Pioneer Square or the International District:

  • Walk to 4th Avenue South between Jackson and Main Street.  You'll want to wait on the northbound side of the bus island in the middle of 1st Avenue South, not on the east side of the street.
  • Wait for the northbound #40 bus.  It will say 40 Northgate Fremont on the marquee.  
  • Board the bus and swipe your card or pay cash $2.50.
  • Ride 7-8 stops north.  Depending on traffic, this will be a 15-20 minute trip
  • Disembark

Link Light Rail (25-30 min / 50 calories burned)

  • Walk to the International District/Chinatown station or the Pioneer Square Station.  
  • Board a northbound train
  • Disembark at Westlake Station
  • Walk north to Stewart, turn right
  • Turn left on Westlake

Uber (15 min / 0 calories burned)

  • Open phone
  • Open Uber App
  • Set pickup location and then book car, pool, hop, or x
  • Enter destination as Westlake Whole Foods, Amazon Building X or another SLU landmark
  • Chill

Walk (33 min / 200 calories burned)