What's On Tap - February 2019

January was a blur and now we’re into the shortest month of the year. Spring is just around the corner. (right?) But first we want to get in some powder days, a nice Valentine’s Day dinner and celebrate the opening of the new SR-99 Tunnel. Here’s a digest of what’s going on at the space:


What we’re doing

Untitled Coffee Co Pop-Up

Untitled Coffee Co. is coming to tPC February 5th - 8th to do a pop-up coffee shop! “Untitled Coffee Co. is a third-wave coffee bar. What is third-wave? Simply put, we serve only the highest grade coffee beans that are sourced by our team of different coffee roasters to ensure the quality of your cup! From our flavored syrups, to our Oat Milk, we try our best to keep everything vegan-friendly. We have partnered with several coffee roasters thus far and will be collaborating with more as we progress!”


SR-99 Tunnel Fun Run 8K

We have a team of members and friends running all 8 kilometers (that’s 4.97 miles for you redcoats) of the new tunnel. Join us February 2nd or just meet us at the finish line for some Gu shots. https://tunneltoviaductrun.com/

Beam Suntory Happy Hour

For everyone who was able to attend the Beam Suntory Happy Hour, thank you for making the event so much fun! For everyone who missed it, you have three more opportunities to get in on the fun!! The next Beam Suntory HH will be on March 7th. Hope to see you all there!

Upcoming (next month) - we’ll be hosting the 3rd annual tPC March Madness bracket. We hope to get around to making a giant wall copy to track progress. More details to come.

What we’re working on

The Bird King by Willow Wilson

Willow’s most recent novel, The Bird King, is being published soon! The book is available for pre-order now & a lot of it was editted from tPC!

A little about the book: “A fantastical journey set at the height of the Spanish Inquisition from the award-winning author of Alif the Unseen and writer of the Ms. Marvel series, G. Willow Wilson’s The Bird King is a jubilant story of love versus power, religion versus faith, and freedom versus safety.” Be sure to check it out!

Virtua Rasa by Jeff Olhoeft

“Virtua Rasa is a virtual table-top for role-playing games and for table-top games in general. Games can be played exclusively on a virtual table-top, or you can add webcams to include augmented reality in your game. We’re a couple of programmers and gamers who wanted a way to use AR with VTTs, so that we could keep playing games with friends around the country, and still use our collections of gaming accessories (painted miniatures, terrain, maps, …), so we built Virtua Rasa!

This website is the result of that effort, and it’s time to show it to other people and see how much better it can get!

We have a demo set up where you automatically get a temporary game token to get your feet wet, or you can make a free account, set up your own game, or play in someone else’s game!”

American Murder Song - Smarthouse Creative

Smarthouse did some consulting & marketing for American Murder Song. “Their songs are all based on real murderers throughout American history; they even have a Donner Party board game.” Check it out here!

2019 Adventure Calendar by Christine

Check out this calendar featuring 12 photos taken by Christine Yoo! Some product details:

  • 12 unbound pages ft. moments from chasing wonder in 2018

  • After the month ends, flip the page, snip along the dotted line & send as a postcard. Reduce, reuse, recycle––aw yeah.

  • 5.4" x 7.5"

  • Printed on heavy matte card stock

  • All photos shot by Christine Yoo

  • 25% of the proceeds go to El Pozo de Vida, an amazing org that fights human trafficking in Mexico.

Member Spotlight: Brian McRae

And if you missed it, check out our January Member Spotlight Brian McRae of Product School.

What we’re drinking

  • Key Lime Lacroix - more polarizing than coconut. Tastes like a jolly rancher sans corn syrup.

  • Rogers Pilsner (Georgetown) - Crosby® grown Sterling hops give this refreshing pilsner a spicy and earthy hop aroma. 

  • 9 Swans (Elm Coffee Roasters) - Colombia Iquira.  This Caturra and Castillo coffee was grown in Northen Huila in the late summer.  It has an intense cherry character with plenty of sweetness.  We roast it such that it works well with or without milk, and is quite soluble for easy extraction. 

What we’re listening to