Coworking at the Pioneer Collective  -  FAQ


What are the access hours for each membership type?
We staff the front desk Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.  Members may access the space outside of those hours according to the details of their membership type.

  • Resident Access - 24/7 keycard access*

  • Community Access - 8am-6pm access, no keycard

*24/7 keycards will be issued after a two-week waiting period.  A $50 partially refundable deposit is required for al keycards.

Do unused membership days roll over to next month?
No.  If a member finds they are consistently not using the allotted days in their membership, we encourage them to switch to a plan with fewer days.  Alternatively, if a member is consistently running out of access days during a month, we encourage them to upgrade.

Do lobby rooms count toward my conference room hours allotment?  Do hours roll over?
Yes, both lobby rooms and the main TPC conference room count toward your conference room allotment.  Hours do not roll over.  If you need more hours in a month, you can book additional meetings at a steeply discounted members price of $20/hour.

How will I be billed?
If you'd like to be billed on a month-to-month basis, we will need a credit card to start your membership.  You may begin on any day of the month, and that will be your bill date moving forward.  Credit card subscriptions are processed via Stripe, a certified level PCI Level 1 Service Provider.  If you'd like to take advantage of a prepaid discount, you will need to pay via check. 

Do you host member happy hours and social events?  Will I meet new people?
Yes, we host regular member happy hours, lunch trips and after-work events (film screenings, parties, classes etc.)  Whether or not you meet new people is up to you!  If that's important to you then make sure you introduce yourself to fellow coworkers, attend happy hours, strike up conversations at the coffee bar, and participate on the Slack channels.  We also encourage members to organize their own get-togethers and events.  If you have an idea, give us a shout!  We do our best to facilitate an active and welcoming member community, but you'll get out of it what you put in!  

What are the collaborative benefits of coworking?
That is an interesting question and one I think needs to be addressed more honestly by the greater coworking community/industry.  The truth is, it really depends on the member, their line of work, and their goals.  If you are a remote salesperson working for a company in another state, it's unlikely that you will be able to collaborate during the regular workday with a Javascript programmer who works in an entirely different industry.  You can definitely enjoy the benefits of working among other human beings without needing to "collaborate" with them on your daily work.  That being said, collaboration can take many forms.  For example, a member might hire a coworker who owns a photography business to shoot a wedding, or someone might ask the UX designer that sits next to them to review the resume of a potential design hire.  Members who realize that they share the same commute might start biking to work together and folks interested in learning to code at night may start a meetup.  

While we'll throw the occasional mixer or brainstorming lab, the organic connections are what we really try to cultivate at tPC.  Furthermore, we know all our members are hardworking, busy individuals and we value their time.  We promise to never burden members with over engineered ice-breaking gimmicks or cheesy corporate events.  If it's not fun, and it doesn't benefit the members, we won't host it.

Does TPC offer long term discounts?
Sure!  If you'd like to prepay via check, we will offer the following prepaid discounts on memberships and mail service.  All sales are final and no refunds will be given after prepayment is made and discount is applied.

  • 3 month prepayment, recurring - 5% off

  • 6 month prepayment - 10% off

  • 12 month prepayment - 15% off

How do you handle cancellations?
We ask that members give seven calendar days notice for all cancellations. 

If I cancel my membership mid-month, can you prorate my bill for the month?

How much does a keycard cost?
There is a one-time fee of $50 to issue a keycard to a new member.  When you return the card at the end of your membership, we will refund you $25.

Can I use The Pioneer Collective as my business address?
Only members who opt in to mail service, have a form 1583 on file, and are issued an official private mailbox (PMB), may use the Pioneer Collective as their business address.

Can I ship packages or have mail delivered to the Pioneer Collective?
The Pioneer Collective is an USPS  Commercial Mail Registered Agent (CMRA).  Mail service is available for $50/month.  You will need to complete a form 1583 and provide the necessary identification, at which point we can issue you a PMB.  An example is shown below:

[Your name or company]
100 South King Street
Suite 100 #710
Seattle, WA 98104


Can I bring guests?
Yes. Each membership comes with an allotment of guests passes each month.  Passes do not roll over.  Visitors do not count toward this allotment.

What is the difference between guests and visitors?
Visitors are people who stop in for a short time to meet with or visit a member for less than two hours.  Examples include family members visiting for lunch, clients or potential customers, or interview candidates.  Guests are colleagues or friends who make use of the coworking space, generally for longer than two hours.

May I hold an event or meetup at the Pioneer Collective?
We offer one 50% off evening event to all members each year.  The event must be business-related and guest lists must be kept. Members will be in charge of returning the space to workday conditions.

How do I get to TPC and where can I park?

Our Address

A: 100 South King Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98104

Parking Information

Hourly Discounted Parking

All-day Parking

After 6pm Weekdays and Sundays

Street parking on King Street, Main Street, and 1st Ave S is free


TPC is located in Pioneer Square, a major transit hub, just a short walk from most major King Country Metro bus lines, Sound Transit bus lines, Link Light Rail (International District and Pioneer Square Stations), King Street Station, Union Station, and the Sounder Train.

Want to find the best route to get to Pioneer Square from your neighborhood or hotel?  Download the One Bus Away app

Link Light Rail  -  get off at the International District/Chinatown station and walk west on Jackson Street, make a left on first Avenue, and then a left on King Street

Sounder train, Metro Bus, Sound Transit  -  tPC is just a few blocks west of King Street Station and Union Station