Event FAQ 

Can I show up early to set up for my event?
Set up and breakdown must be done during your allotted (and paid for) rental time.  Beyond that, you will be required to pay the hourly rate for any setup time that requires access to the space.  

Is the Pioneer Collective ADA accessible?
Yes!  There is a wheelchair ramp located in the main building lobby and two ADA entrances to the space.

How many bathrooms are in the space?
The space has a large women's restroom with six stalls, a men's restroom with three stalls and three urinals, three private, gender-neutral restrooms with locks and benches.  The private restrooms can be designated as nursing rooms for new mothers.

Does tPC provide chairs, linens, flowers, glassware, etc.?
In short, no.  If it's not listed on the below list, you'll have to arrange to bring it in from an outside vendor.  Clients will need to arrange for their own chairs and linens for banquets and dinners.  We recommend Abbey Party Rents or Pedersen's Rentals.  We can also provide contacts for catering, chairs, live music, photographers, videographers, and flowers.  Just ask!

Our event space includes:  

  • 3,000 sqft communal space

  • Six 8 foot tables and two 10 foot tables available

  • Lounge area with sofa and chairs

  • Two standing bar areas

  • Kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, tea kettle, and counter space

  • String lighting available

  • Basic sound system with 3.5mm jack (phone or iPod)

  • Record player and records

  • tPC on-site event staff

  • Up to 50 basic folding chairs available at no cost

Can I store items at tPC before or after my event?
No.  Deliveries and load-in must be done during your allotted reservation time.  All equipment, food, and materials must be removed from the space at the end of your allotted reservation breakdown time.  Extra fees will be charged to any customers who fail to abide by this policy.

Where should guests park?

  • If you are holding an evening or Sunday event, you're in luck. Street parking is free on King Street and other East-West streets in Pioneer Square after 6pm weekdays and Sundays. Parking is free on 1st Avenue South after 8pm weekdays and Sundays.

  • There are also a number of garages with affordable evening and weekend rates in the neighborhood.

  • If guests will be drinking or just don't feel like driving, Uber and Lyft are both well represented in the neighborhood.

  • If guests want to drive but skip the parking part, we recommend using Luxe valet service.

Can my friend's band play?
All musical entertainment must be cleared with tPC ownership on a case by case basis.  Guests will be required to maintain a reasonable noise level as determined by tPC ownership and local laws and regulations.

Do I have to clean up after my event?
Yes.  The fee (included in flat rate for most rentals) is for the deep cleaning that must be performed after each event.  We ask that you leave the space the way you found it at the beginning of your event (furniture returned to its original place, garbage, equipment, and outside materials, etc.).  Immediate attention to any spills during your event is always helpful.  Our cleaning crew will take care of cleaning the floors, taking down curtains, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

Can I bring in my own catering or alcohol?
Yes, you can work with your own caterer or bring your own food and alcohol.  Whoever is providing food must also pack out everything they bring in, provide all glassware, cutlery, prep tools, ice, etc.

Do I need a bartender?
Yes, if you will be serving your own alcohol, you will need a banquet permit.  tPC can provide a licensed bartender at $25/hour, pending availability.

How do you handle cancellations?
If you'd like to reserve dates, we will send an invoice via Quickbooks for the full amount. All payments are non-refundable within 30 calendar days of the event start date. 31 calendar days or morebefore the start date, a refund of 50% of the total will be honored subject to a $100 rebooking fee.