Private Office Suites at the Pioneer Collective - FAQ


Does the office come furnished?
Yes! Our offices come furnished with desks, task chairs, desk lamps & more depending on the specific office.

Can we bring in our own furniture?
Personal furniture can be brought into your office. If you do not need the provided furnishings, they can be stored at a rate of $300/month.

What if we switch from one tPC office to another, can I bring my favorite chair?
Unfortunately no. The provided furniture comes with the specific office thus it must stay in the original office space. But don’t worry, your next office will also have chairs!

Our office is listed as a 4-person suite but it would be perfect for our 6-person team. Do you make exceptions?
Yes! Additional members can be add to a suite up until the office cap. Each additional team member over the listed occupancy will be $50/month added to the rent.

Can we make modifications to our office—ie. paint the walls, hang pictures, etc?
You may make approved alterations & modifications to your office. After approval, a deposit will be taken to ensure the office will be returned to it’s original state.