Why Your Seattle Company Should Open a Satellite Office in Tacoma

Save Money, Find Talent, Boost Morale


Improve Employee Morale, Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Some of your employees are likely already commuting from the Tacoma area to Seattle each day, and many more may soon follow, looking for more affordable housing. Most of these commuters are spending two or more hours sitting in traffic daily. Single occupant vehicle commuting has significant psychological and social costs and also negatively impacts the environment. In addition to perks like transit passes, Seattle companies should consider opening a remote office in Tacoma that South Sound employees can use, either full-time or for the occasional remote work day or meeting. Your employees will thank you.

Attract and retain talent and save money.
Companies are finding that they can attract top talent at much cheaper rates by looking south of Seattle. The cost of living in Tacoma is 41% cheaper than Seattle, the median home price is 61% cheaper and the median salary is 57% lower than in the Seattle / Eastside region. On top of that, Tacoma is home to a University of Washington campus, Pacific Lutheran University and University of Puget Sound. All of these institutions produce quality graduates and job candidates, including those in technical and engineering fields, in need of work. Joint Base Lewis McChord is also a short drive away and thousands of highly trained veterans enter the private sector in the region every year. Military spouses, many of whom relocated to the Tacoma area keeping remote technical jobs, can also be a great source of talent.

Business Friendly Climate

Tacoma prides itself on maintaining a business friendly climate. Here are a few highlights from the City of Tacoma website:

  • There is no personal income tax in the City, County or State.

  • There is no corporate excise tax in the City, County or State.

  • There is no property tax on inventories.

  • There is no square footage tax.

  • There is no separate transit district tax.

  • There are no impact fees.

  • The City of Tacoma charges a Business & Occupation (B&O) tax, but it can be offset by tax credits. Businesses whose gross income is equal to or less than $250,000 annually are exempt from the B&O tax. Companies with gross incomes between $250,001 and $300,000 pay according to a sliding scale.

  • Business license fees are modest ($90 annual fee for businesses with annual gross incomes of ≥$12,000).

Why Set Up A Remote Office in Tacoma?

  1. Turnkey, flexible, no long-term commitments. Both our offices and coworking memberships are available on monthly contracts and allow companies the flexibility to experiment with a presence in Tacoma while avoiding long-term lease obligations, expensive tenant improvement projects, managing multiple vendor account, and personal guarantees. If your company’s presence grows, we’ll scale with you, and if it shrinks or closes, you can exit with no ongoing obligations or liabilities.

  2. Access to first class amenities. Because the coworking model allows companies to pool resources, the amenities available to your team will extend far beyond the square footage footprint of your office. In addition to your private office, your employees will have access to beautiful common areas, conference rooms, meeting rooms and phone booths. A first-class kitchenette fully stocked with complimentary coffee & tea will make you feel right at home. With on-site management and staff, your clients will always be greeted, you’ll have a resource with all the answers that also knows you by name, and any issues or concerns can be immediately troubleshot. We’ll handle your office management, furniture procurement, IT administration & infrastructure, custodial services and more. You only pay one vendor each month and leave the details to us so you can focus on your work.

  3. Community and Collaboration. TPC provides space for a collective of diverse individuals to come together, fostering both professional collaboration and personal connections. For small teams, startups, and established professionals, finding a network of business contacts is invaluable. With members across industries crossing paths daily, TPC serves as a natural breeding ground for sharing experiences, advice, and referrals. By offering a place where in-person connections are made, hiring your next employee or learning the name of the perfect small-business accountant or software solution may be just one conversation away.